Great Lakes Regional
Dairy Conference

February 6-8, 2020     Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort     Mount Pleasant, MI

Since 2003, the Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference (GLRDC) has been dedicated to helping dairy producers learn new ways of increasing their profitability by doing more with less.

Thanks to support from generous industry supporters, the GLRDC has earned a reputation as a top educational conference. With the current state of milk prices and ever-increasing consumer demands, dairy producers are facing a volatile environment. Attend this year’s Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference to arm yourself with the knowledge, tools and strategies to help ensure your future in dairy.

GLRDC 2019 Experts

“The planning committee has been committed to identifying speakers who will provide the latest and highest quality information on timely topics important to the region’s dairy producers, farm managers and dairy industry professionals. Our goal is to provide an engaging forum for all sectors of the dairy industry to come together in one place at one time to learn, share information and gather the latest resources to help increase their profitability while doing more with less.”

– Brian Troyer, GLRDC executive board member and dairy nutrition specialist

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Check out sessions on:

Hear from producers who have worked with other nearby farms to form unique partnerships to make their operations thrive. Learn concepts that you can apply to your own situation.

Explore the estimated cost of raising dairy replacement heifers from birth through calving, including the impact of mortality and elective culling.

Learn more on the outlook of U.S. trade relations for agriculture and the dairy industry specifically. What will it mean for you.

Find ways to shockproof your farm’s finances, communicate with your banker and understand your rights as a lender.

Learn what’s happening at one of the largest organic dairies in Texas

Explore how economic principles relate to trends in the dairy industry.  Understand more about marginal milk and what it could mean for your operation.

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