Juan Quezada

Director of Training and Development, Milk Source LLC

Juan Quezada, Milk Source LLC’s director of training and development, is a globally recognized expert on achieving peak dairy operations, including individual animal care, herd dynamics and farm safety. 

Quezada is a 43-year dairy industry veteran who worked in New Mexico, California, and Texas before joining Milk Source in 1998. Quezada worked his way up from milker to a director-level leader who has mentored virtually every senior manager at the company. Milk Source — which maintains five dairies, a show barn, a calf-raising facility, and a heifer lot — holds the distinction of being the single largest milk-producer in Wisconsin, a.k.a. “America’s Dairyland.”  

Quezada successfully co-founded Milk Source University in 2019, a two-year training program that identifies the next generation of farm managers and then hones their leadership skills.  

He also has consulted with dairies — large, small and everything in between — across the U.S. as well as Mexico, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.