Mary Ledman, Rabo AgriFinance

Mary Ledman is global sector strategist for dairy at Rabo AgriFinance in the RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Group.

Mary has over 30 years of experience in production agriculture, food processing, government service, agricultural policy, dairy risk management, market information and dissemination, and milk and dairy product price forecasting. Early in her career, she was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship to conduct comparative research on US and European dairy policies. Mary is a thought leader in the dairy industry, sharing extensive knowledge of domestic and international dairy markets and policy.

Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Journalism and a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining Rabo AgriFinance, she held positions at the USDA, Kraft Foods, and Stella. She is the founder of Keough Ledman Associates, an economic consulting firm serving the dairy industry since 1995.