Mark Rutter, Professor, Harper Adams University

Mark Rutter is Professor of Applied Animal Behaviour at Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire in the United Kingdom. After graduating in Agricultural Science at the University of Leeds, he gained an MSc in Biological Computation from the University of York before being awarded a PhD in animal behaviour from the University of Edinburgh. His current research is focussed on how an understanding of the natural behaviour of domestic cattle can help improve their production efficiency as well as their welfare. This includes understanding the factors that affect dairy cow preference for pasture versus housing. He is also interested in the role that precision livestock technologies can play in promoting sustainable livestock production and animal welfare.

Mark will share some of his recent research into dairy cow monitoring technologies and their current and future applications as well as summarising research into understanding cow preferences in relation to housing design. This will give some insights into possible future approaches to managing dairy cows, balancing profitability, sustainability and animal welfare.