Brian Gerrits, CEO/CFO, Breeze Dairy Group

Brian Gerrits grew up on a small dairy farm in northeastern Wisconsin. He was married to his wife Lynn in 1979 and raised 3 boys on the family farm in De Pere, Wisconsin where Brian & Lynn eventually became partners with his parents. Brian & Lynn became sole owners of the farm in 1990 shortly after the untimely death of his father. Realizing how rapidly the dairy industry was changing, they decided the best option for survival was to find like-minded people to partner with. In 1995 they partnered with a non-related family to construct a 500-cow dairy facility which they successfully operated until they exited in 2000. Upon exit they were asked to join several other non-related partners to construct and manage a 1,500 cow dairy. They decided to leave this partnership in 2001 after a stressful relationship developed with one of the partners. Brian went on to become a large herd consultant for a local feed company where he focused on providing consultation services to producers looking to expand. It was during this time that he was approached by his current partners to write the Business Plan to construct a 1,500 cow dairy near Fond du Lac, WI. During the planning process he was asked to join the partnership. In 2002 they began construction of Lake Breeze Dairy, LLC. Phase II construction occurred in 2005 which expanded capacity to 3,200. Breeze Dairy Group, LLC was formed in 2011. They went on to purchase and expand 2 additional dairy farms in Wisconsin with a total capacity of 10,000 cows.