9 a.m.

Milk Check Economics: What Can Dairy Farmers Do?
Michigan State University Extension
Low milk prices have – and continue to – put stress on dairy farm finances. This session will examine the major drivers of the mailbox milk price and consider options that farmers have to influence or manage their milk check income. A panel of dairy farmers will discuss how they have increased fat and protein yields and have also improved income.

11 a.m.

2018 Dairy Fog, Look for the Lighthouse
Gary Sipiorski, Vita Plus Inc.
Sipiorski will highlight the current status of the industry, show producers where there is light and what they can do to guide their operation through the fog.



1 p.m.

Milk Pricing and Challenges in the Midwest
Mark Stephenson, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Direct sale, cooperatives, processing facilities, pooling and much more all impact the price of milk. Stephenson will break down each area and discuss the specific challenges in Michigan. He will also share his experiences in Wisconsin and other locations with the loss of markets and what producers and processors can do in the future to secure markets, processing and higher prices.

2 p.m.


2:30 p.m.

Global to Local: Dairy Supply, Demand and Price Outlook
Nate Donnay, Director of Dairy Market Insight, INTL FCStone
Donnay will break down current global and local factors affecting milk prices and discuss what producers should expect in the next 12 to 24 months. He will also talk about the continued challenges and possible opportunities for the Great Lakes Region.

3:30 p.m.

Understanding and Interpreting Bacteria Counts to Improve Milk Quality
Brandon Treichler, D.V.M., Quality Control Veterinarian, Select Milk Producers
In a saturated global milk market, consistently producing quality milk allows a dairy to maintain its market and a processor to compete. Treichler will explain how labs test milk for quality parameters. These lab results help identify opportunities to produce higher quality milk as well as basic troubleshooting strategies when bacteria counts rise. The focus will be on Lab Pasteurized Counts, but other common bacteria counts will be discussed as well.

4:30 p.m.

5 p.m.

All Things Milk:-Questions and Answers With Sipiorski, Stephenson, Donnay and Treichler

Reception, Exhibitor Showcase and Great Lakes Commercial Heifer Extravaganza XIII Sale