Susanne Pejstrup, Lean Farming Inc.

As the founder and owner of the consultancy company, Lean Farming® Susanne Pejstrup has a broad and practical experience in optimizing farm operations. She has been an agricultural consultant for more than 25 years and is graduated as Master of agricultural Science from The University of Copenhagen and Master of Lean Production from Lean Academy, Denmark.

Lean Farming ® provide education and consultancy for farmers. The company has two main fields of work: Leadership and Lean production on farms and Logistic and Design of the productions facilities in farm projects.

The benefit the farmers get from using Lean in farming is among others higher productivity. It specifically happens, when we work with animal welfare, rational working procedures and motivation of the staff. We introduce standards, systematic work procedures and structure and of course a Lean culture of continuous improvement.

The company has customers and projects with partners in more countries in both Europe and US. The company is situated in Denmark, Europe and get benefit of the high level of production and experience in this country.